Phamie Gow in Tim Lihoreau's Wednesday Web Chat

16 July 2013, 15:24

Got a question for multi-instrumentalist Phamie Gow? She'll be here answering questions in our weekly web chat from 9am on 17 July.

How do you make such simple music sound so profound? It's something which seems to come naturally to Phamie Gow, who's just released her eighth album, Softly Spoken, including new compositions and reworkings of old favourites.

When you've released so many albums, how do you choose the repertoire for the next one? And what's prompted her to go back to the piano, when she also plays the harp and accordion?

If you have a question for Phamie, she'll be here from 9am with More Music Breakfast presenter Tim Lihoreau. Post your questions in the comments box below.

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