‘Hedwig’s Theme’ sounds magical in this piano arrangement for four hands

9 August 2017, 13:55

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Let’s get straight to the point: John Williams’s Harry Potter film score is a work of genius. It’s magical, at times terrifying, and shows off the magic of J.K. Rowling’s book series.

Although the main ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ began as a motif rather than a standalone track, it is now a defining feature of the Harry Potter soundworld. It is so popular that it's been covered countless times – including this great piano arrangement for four hands.

The arrangement, by Sara Sierra and Juan Dussan (Trouble Couple on YouTube), begins as a simple two-handed piano cover. But then, Sara chimes in with the same theme two octaves lower, Juan adds mystical embellishments in the upper hand parts, and it eventually turns into a thunderous piano epic.

Of course, they also donned adorable matching Hogwarts uniforms for the occasion. Even their grand piano fits the mood, embellished with a Gryffindor drape, a Hogwarts library book and two wands. It’s all about the details…

If you’re a sheet music-reader and you’re interested in having a go at their arrangement, get in touch with Trouble Couple via their Facebook page!