This Star Wars melodica medley will 100% make your day

19 December 2017, 09:53

John Williams’ theme to the Star Wars franchise is completely iconic. But this medley performed on two melodicas gives it an extra something special…

The Melodica Men are Joe and Tristan, who describe their mission as musicians as “an attempt at sharing the pure unadulterated joy that is the melodica”. 

Now, John Williams’ theme to the Star Wars films is already pretty darn joyful. But there’s something about hearing it on two silly blow-organs that gives it that extra sense of playfulness.

They begin with the main theme, before launching into ‘The Imperial March’ (at which point Joe, of course, starts sporting a Darth Vader mask). You can also hear a blast of an epic new theme from The Last Jedi in there.

To support the Melodica Men in their mission, visit their Patreon page – and find them on YouTube for more excellent videos.

Watch the full video here: