Jackie Evancho autographed CDs sell on eBay for $6,200

11 December 2012, 11:07

A set of the America's Got Talent star's CDs, signed by Evancho herself, has sold for $6,200 on eBay.

Soprano Jackie Evancho is used to seeing her CDs fetch about £10 each in the shops, but a complete autographed set of her albums has sold on eBay for $6,200. The bidding opened at $500, but soon rocketed up to the selling price thanks to the eventual winner, listed on eBay as 'binlied2'.

The package of CDs included Evancho's most recent album, Songs from the Silver Screen, as well as bonus Japanese-only editions of other discs. Also notable among the discs was a copy of Evancho's debut album, Prelude To A Dream, which was released before she found fame on America's Got Talent.

According to the listing page, the package is: "the rarest of all Jackie Evancho Memorabilia to add to any jackie fans' cherished collection." Evancho herself tweeted a link to the auction before it had finished.

Previous sets containing similar items have been sold for approximately $4,500, so this latest listing is a marked increase on the normal value of Evancho's memorabilia.