Bournemouth Symphony hits nightclub

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra has taken music into a nightclub setting as part of its bid to make classical music accessible to all, with an event called Club Karabits.

The Orchestra performed its first club night in a unique collaboration with DJ composer Gabriel Prokofiev and DJ Danny Rampling.

Club Karabits, which took place at Bournemouth International Centre’s Solent Hall, was so successful that the Orchestra plans to make it an annual affair. It saw the BSO, under conductor Kirill Karabits, play music by Beethoven, Khachaturian and Sergei Prokofiev, in between sets by Gabriel Prokofiev and Danny Rampling.

Gabriel Prokofiev is Sergei Prokofiev’s grandson and he combines his classical music background with dance music to create a unique sound world. He commented on the collaboration, ‘We’re all treading new territory together, so it’s really fun to be on that journey with them (the BSO).’

Conductor Kirill Karabits said, ‘I think the orchestra is excited to try new things, new ways of presenting classical music.’ The audience too were excited, with many listeners calling the experience ‘refreshing’ and ‘different’.

Click here to see a video clip about Club Karabits by local television company issTV.

Anne-Marie Minhall will be profiling the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra on Saturday 20 March at 9pm, as part of Classic FM’s series on Great British Orchestras.

Photo by Kimberley Bidgood