A completely mad handbell arrangement of The Hallelujah Chorus

20 August 2020, 17:14

Because playing Handel on handbells should always be a physical workout.

As if playing Handel’s ‘The Hallelujah Chorus’ on handbells wasn’t already awesome enough, these musicians have turned the arrangement into a physical marathon.

The Forté Handbell Quartet adapted Michael R. Keller’s arrangement of the piece to fit in with their strap-line ‘Rethink Possible’ – a mission to test boundaries and question the norms around classical music. 

Weaving between each other, darting here and there to grab the correct handbells, the Forté Handbell Quartet do just that. They even use their sheet music to map out exactly when they have to weave:

Forte Handbell Quartet

This is surely organised chaos at its best. See more from the Forté Handbell Quartet on their Facebook page and watch the full video here.