Handel and Mozart in C Minor

Two great composers juxtaposed by a wonderful pianist.

Composer: Handel and Mozart
Repertoire: Piano Works in C Minor – the Colour of Drama
Artists: Claire-Marie Le Guay (piano)
Rating: 4/5

Genre: Instrumental
Label: Accord 442-9217

On this second volume of what she calls ‘mirror games’ the gifted French pianist again juxtaposes works by Mozart and Haydn: Mozart’s 1784 Sonata No.14 in C minor with Haydn’s 1771 Sonata No.33, in the same key, followed by Mozart’s C minor Fantasy (1785) before a refreshing splash in C major, Haydn’s Sonata No.58. More interesting than this contrived thematic conceit is the expressive playing, which combines a rich tone and a light touch, crisp articulation and beautifully observed phrasing. The download version of the album adds two movements of Mozart’s Requiem in Liszt’s piano versions.