Gabriel Fauré Duet Auctioned for £20,000

A recently discovered piano duet composed by Gabriel Fauré written around 1870 sold for £20,000 at world renowned Sotherby's Auction House, London.

Fauré 's newly discovered manuscript was sold by Sotherby's Senior Music Manuscript Specialist, Dr Simon Maguire said; "It is extremely rare to discover an unrecorded piece of music by such an important composer, and it is particularly thrilling to reveal a duet to the public in such a polished form for the first time since it was composed over a century ago".

Gabriel Fauré famous for his 'inner ear' which enabled him to compose away from the piano, was thought to have composed the manuscript at the time of the Symphonie en fa Op.20 of 1866-1873. The rare manuscript was believed to have been complete due to the opening section being repeated in the closing piece.

Having been elected to the Adademie des Beaux-Arts in 1909 as well as becoming the prestigious Commander of the Legion d'honneur in 1910, it shows nearly hundred years later, Fauré's composing is still vastly sought after today.