Debbie Wiseman's Piano Stories brought to life

4 March 2013, 13:09 | Updated: 17 December 2018, 12:08

Live performances, recording in the studio, and using visual imagery to bring music to life - film and television composer Debbie Wiseman shared her thoughts ahead of her first solo piano recital of her pieces.

Award-winning composer Debbie Wiseman has penned music for a wide variety of film and television programmes, from Wilde, to Land Girls and Tom’s Midnight Garden. Despite a successful career as a composer, it's perhaps surprising that her upcoming recital in Bristol is her first as a solo performer.

In an interview with John Brunning, Debbie shares how she's preparing for her live performance of music from her Piano Stories album, and how she uses visual imagery to help bring this music to life: "I would picture a scene from Tom's Midnight Garden, and then I'd play, and because I'm so used to writing to picture and having a picture in front of me, that came very naturally. And that helped me in the performance in the studio because I had that visual image in my head which I'm so used to having, and could then just play the music to accompany it."

Listen to the interview with Debbie Wiseman