VOCES8 - Lux

Classic FM Album of the Week, 26 January 2015. Hauntingly beautiful arrangements from a superior vocal ensemble.

In the last couple of years, VOCES8 have become one of the world's most exciting and versatile vocal groups, their repertoire ranging across the centuries - from Renaissance music to jazz and pop arrangements.

Their debut album on the Decca label, Eventide, set out to create a determinedly ethereal mood to suit the title. There were enchanting modern arrangements of ancient latin hymns as well as contemporary classics.

This latest release, Lux – Latin for 'light' – follows in similar vein, setting out to convey the light-related themes of radiance, hope and comfort. From the haunting O Nata Lux by Thomas Tallis, through Elgar's vocal version of Nimrod, coming up to date with Teardrop by Massive Attack.

As we have come to expect, the eight voices blend perfectly together and the effect is hauntingly beautiful.