Villazón performing at iTunes Festival

Sensational tenor Rolando Villazón will be headlining a concert at the iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse in London on 15 July. Classic FM will be the radio partner for the night and we have tickets to give away for this very special event.

This is the fourth year that the iTunes Festival has taken place. Each year features stars from all musical genres and this year Rolando Villazón is the classical star.

"It’s great to be part of this exciting box of surprises that is the iTunes Festival; and I am thrilled to be performing this music which will touch the sensibilities and emotions of every listener," said Rolando.

I am used to performing for strictly classical audiences and am very excited to bring my music to this different, mixed forum. It will be a more casual and relaxed atmosphere, and I think it will be great fun! You just know that they'll be special and very exciting to perform for, because whatever musical style they come from, they just love music. I hope that every audience member will bring their own style to the concert and will not stifle their impulses to rock'n'roll and have a great time. The musicians and I can't wait to perform at the Roundhouse!"

The iTunes Festival features 62 bands over 31 nights, all in one venue, the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm, London. All the concerts are recorded and released exclusively on iTunes shortly after the performances.

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