Amy Dickson in Tim Lihoreau's Wednesday Web Chat

23 April 2013, 17:11 | Updated: 23 April 2013, 17:15

It's your chance to say hello to one of the world's finest classical saxophonists. Amy Dickson will be here to chat with you from 10.30am on Wednesday 24 April.

How do you bring an instrument, so closely associated with jazz into the classical world? How do you find new repertoire? Why are there so few classical saxophonists? There's lots of questions to ask a classical saxophonist - and you have the chance to put them to one of the world's best, Australian saxophonist Amy Dickson. You can also ask her about the inspiration behind her elegant new album, 'Dusk and Dawn', or just say hello to a star of Classic FM Live!

If you've got a question for Amy, post it in the comments below. She'll be here to answer them from 10.30am on Wednesday morning.

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