8 viral videos from the amazing duo 2CELLOS

13 March 2014, 17:49 | Updated: 5 August 2015, 12:18

It's all riffs and quiffs with the extravagant, shameless, and utterly brilliant Croatian duo 2CELLOS. Join us as we take a tour of their best viral videos.

Live and Let Die - featuring Lang Lang

If you're going to have a pianistic third-wheel, you may as well have the best... Here fellow floppy-haired virtuoso Lang Lang joins the duo to smash out the Paul and Linda McCartney James Bond classic. It's a romp, a glissandi-fest, and a three-way battle for the piano stool. Sort it out, guys.


They Don't Care About Us

Michael Jackson's rollicking number gets a surprisingly serious and powerful retelling here - surely this has to be 2CELLOS' biggest video budget yet. There's bombs falling, guns firing, buildings tumbling to the ground... oh, and some bow hair-raising guitar solos scraped out on cello strings. What a belter.

Smooth Criminal  

It's enough to make you wonder if this excellent synth riff was originally written for cello. Michael Jackson's great song finds a very natural home in this face-to-face cello duel. Complete with red wine and the trademark Jacko "Ow". We always knew the Elgar Concerto was missing something. 

Gambas n' Roses?

It's some extravagant floppy-haired busking for their take on Guns n' Roses Welcome To The Jungle. Let's hope they made a few quid, because it seems many bows died in the process. 


Debussy (for one)

We'll get back to the two cellists together shortly, but this solo performance from Luka Sulic of Debussy's Clair de Lune is incredibly beautiful, and we thought you'd like it. Enjoy.

...in a guitar shop

Highway to Hell is by AC/DC (which we assume is a collaboration between Aaron Copland and Domenico Cimarosa), and the two cellists are joined in this video by Steve Vai. We're concerned that there looks to be something very wrong with Mr Vai's lute.

And then it was 2Cellists, 1Cello

Because sometimes you lose a cello. It's sad, and you might need melancholic Coldplay. It's nice to know your duo can continue, albeit with a bit more intimacy. 

Vivaldi, just Vivaldi.

And to prove they've got classical street-cred, here they are playing a Baroque concerto. The head banging and raw energy remains, but there's not a rock riff in sight. And they're good. Very good indeed.