Music For Studying and Revision


Let Classic FM help you achieve more by providing the perfect soundtrack to your revision and studying sessions.

  • Need music for revision sessions? GCSE, A Level, and University degree studying sessions can be difficult. Classical music has long been relied upon during such stressful study periods. It can still the mind and enable you to focus on the task in hand.
  • The theory of the Mozart effect states that listening to classical music can improve memory and concentration.
  • Music can help you to think more clearly, and block out other surrounding background noise. For best results, opt for slow to medium-paced instrumental works – music with words can be distracting.
  • If you're someone who finds music a distraction while working, you may still use it to relax in revision breaks.
  • See below for some suggestions of works from Classic FM's extensive music library. The perfect studying playlist to aid brain power!

Video: Pachelbel's Canon in D

Top Pieces for Studying: Listen & Download