Sousaphone trolls a KKK march

Sousaphone player trolls a passing KKK march by giving them a soundtrack

Leonardo da Vinci Viola Organista

Leonardo da Vinci's forgotten musical invention has been created for the first time

T-Rex ballet Jurassic Park

A dinosaur ballet dancing to Jurassic Park is the video you didn’t know you needed

Joyce DiDonato El Sistema Greece

Joyce DiDonato performs with refugee children in Greece

Mozart clarinet helium

What do you get if you mix woodwind instruments with helium? The best videos on the internet.

Deep House Moonlight Sonata remix

If Beethoven lived in 2017, the Moonlight Sonata would be this Deep House remix

Haydn Palindrome symphony asset

Did you know: This Haydn minuet and trio sounds exactly the same played backwards as it does forwards