reasons to stop liking classical

13 reasons to immediately stop liking classical music

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farmer serenades cows with trombone

Farmer serenades cows with his trombone

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Beethoven typo asset

This absolutely crucial typo in a Beethoven book changes everything

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Choir stereotypes

This video perfectly captures all the personality types in your choir

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Triangle solo Florida Orchestra

This is the most heroic triangle solo of all time

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Reciting musical instrument names

Reciting musical instrument names can be really, really seductive

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by Tumblr fach-off

16 Valentine’s Day cards perfect for music theory nerds

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Music theory song

This one song teaches you basically everything you need to know about music theory

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Relationship status music quiz

QUIZ: Can we guess your relationship status from your taste in music?

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music nerd

10 things you do when you're a massive classical music nerd

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Recorder carrot

How to make a recorder out of a CARROT

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Singing husky dog

This husky thinks he’s a musical genius

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Laughing saxophones

Try not to laugh at these LOLing saxophones

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Gettin Jiggy Wit It + Swan Lake

Tchaikovsky meets Will Smith in this unbelievable mash-up

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Composer or potato

Quiz: Is this a composer or a potato?

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Orchestra stereotypes for violinists

23 types of people in an orchestra rehearsal

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