stokowski rehearsal rage

This conductor’s rage will simultaneously terrify and inspire you

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Music Notes

This food diagram will teach you the basics of rhythm

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jurassic park dinosaur conductor

That moment when you’re conducting ‘Jurassic Park’ dressed as a dinosaur and your costume deflates

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The 10 worst things about playing the double bass

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New scale

Music geek claims to have discovered a new scale

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Helium Allegri Miserere

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11 reasons why Mr Higgins from My Fair Lady is extremely problematic

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Cat or dog person quiz

Quiz: are you a cat or a dog person? (we think we can tell in ten music questions)

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What's the right orchestral instrument for you?

Which musical instrument is right for you?

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Toby W. Rush

Music theory for musicians (and normal people), in 50 graphics

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Beethoven's Fifth audience part

The 'Audience part' for Beethoven's 5th is hilariously accurate

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Four seasons Vivaldi pizza

9 signs you're beginning to like classical music

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