chocolate bar musical taste

Can we guess your favourite chocolate bar from your favourite composer?

4 days ago

broken e-string violin

This clip captures the sheer horror of an E-string snapping halfway through a live radio broadcast

4 days ago

amazing rhapsody in blue gliss

This insane Rhapsody in Blue glissando will make you forget it's Blue Monday

6 days ago

Donald Trump accordion

Here's a video of Donald Trump playing the accordion (it's very good)

7 days ago

hilarious triangle review

A triangle player just received the best (and funniest) review of their career

11 days ago

dog hates flute

This dog basically hates it when this girl plays the flute

11 days ago

Broken piano

When this pianist’s piano broke on stage, she dealt with it in the most hilarious and professional manner

19 days ago

gaudete shred

Someone has re-recorded the vocals on Gaudete, and we can’t stop laughing

1 month ago

CHRISTMAS carol quiz

Quiz: if you were a Christmas carol, which would you be?

1 month ago

Christmas carol thoughts

49 thoughts everyone has at a Christmas carol concert

1 month ago

This train conductor also happens to be an actual

This train conductor also happens to be an actual conductor

1 month ago

dad text tuba

This dad accidentally texted using voice recognition while playing the TUBA

1 month ago