Will Ferrell in Elf the movie

28 Elf gifs that perfectly narrate a musician's Christmas

2 days ago

john williams prank

Brass section pranks their orchestra with a massive blast of Star Wars in the middle of Prokofiev

11 days ago


worst things piano

The 11 worst things about playing the piano

14 days ago

o holy night baby

This tiny baby can sing ‘O Holy Night’ better than you

14 days ago

Useless musician things

10 things that are utterly useless unless you are a musician

15 days ago

10 reasons you should never date a classical music

10 reasons you should never date a classical musician

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Chicken aria - O mio babbino caro

Clever chicken can play ‘O mio babbino caro’ on keyboard

18 days ago


What conductors really mean

15 things your conductor says vs. what they REALLY mean

23 days ago

Trombone voice recognition

Husband accidentally texts wife with voice recognition while playing the TROMBONE

23 days ago

orchestra sneeze

This is probably the WORST moment a musician could sneeze…

23 days ago

saxophone meredith monk hocket

This saxophonist plays AND sings a duet meant for two vocalists

24 days ago

Violin bow fail

Violinist’s bow hairs FALL OFF mid-performance, but she carries on like a pro

25 days ago

accompanist worst things meme

The 10 worst things about being an accompanist

29 days ago

Mozart or Drake?

Quiz: Are you more like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Drake?

1 month ago

Mahler prank

This orchestra expertly pranked their conductor with a Mahler/Happy Birthday mashup