Britney painting to Mozart

Britney Spears painting to Mozart is one of life’s purest joys

1 day ago


french horn chair duet

We can't stop laughing at this duet for French horn and squeaky chair

4 days ago

Cello hair problems

17 string player confessions that will make you say ‘same’

5 days ago

singing porgs star wars theme

The Star Wars theme sung entirely by Porgs is truly the strangest thing you'll see today

5 days ago


perfect sandwich quiz

Build your perfect sandwich and we'll tell you which composer should eat it

6 days ago

Line Rider In the Hall of the Mountain King

Line Rider set to ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ will 100% brighten your day

6 days ago


gershwin rhapsody in blue melodica

'Rhapsody in Blue' played by four melodicas is your daily dose of weird

7 days ago

drunk wedding march

The Wedding March (drunk version) is the funniest thing you could hear on your special day

11 days ago


Cymbal crash fail

This percussionist had a cymbal-based NIGHTMARE on stage, and his reaction was amazing

11 days ago

Worst things about being a ballet dancer

The 12 worst things about being a ballet dancer

12 days ago

bump into my up bow - desk partner orchestra

What your desk partner says vs what they ACTUALLY mean

18 days ago

Out of tune

15 things your music teacher says vs. what they REALLY mean

21 days ago

Musical abbreviations quiz asset

You won’t get 20/20 on this quiz if you don’t know your musical abbreviations

28 days ago

musician would you rather

This musician edition of Would You Rather is completely excruciating

28 days ago

greatest best man speech

Everyone is saying this pianist gave the greatest best man speech of all time

29 days ago

Four seasons Vivaldi pizza

9 signs you're beginning to like classical music

29 days ago