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dog playing piano

This dog plays the piano and it sounds like Beethoven’s Waldstein sonata

fast piano kid

Just look at how fast this kid can play ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’

piano fire terrence wilson

A concert pianist lost everything in a fire, and the public’s response was heartwarming

Bogányi new piano

This might be the coolest piano ever made. And it doesn't sound too bad either

montero coronation street improvisation

This pianist spontaneously turned the Coronation Street theme into a completely stunning piece of solo piano music

Steinway Tchaikovsky Competition

How do you prepare a Steinway for one of the most important piano competitions in the world?

Tchaikovsky's house

We took a tour round Tchaikovsky’s house and heard a world-famous pianist perform on the composer’s piano

blood stained piano keyboard

This is what a piano looks like after an international competition

Policeman street piano

8 amazing performances on street pianos

London Symphony Orchestra on Trafalgar Square

Valery Gergiev exclusive: ‘It’s hugely important for young children to be included in the great world of classical music’

touch piano

Play the piano using your keyboard: no skills required

Bartolomeo Cristofori

Google celebrates the inventor of the piano with a special doodle

Lang Lang

Lang Lang Talks Practising

Curtis Elton

11-year-old becomes youngest ever person to receive a music degree

Musical orbit

How do you conquer stage fright? Should you ever play for free? 12 classical professionals tackle the most frequently asked muso questions

Yuja Wang

15 steps to being an AMAZING pianist

Valentina Lisitsa

Valentina Lisitsa: My ten tips for how to become a viral YouTube star

Piano stores closing

Extinction beckons for piano shops in US as children lose interest