A delightful Telemann performance

Holland Baroque Society lead by flautist Alexis Kossenko inject Telemann's Concerti Grossi with vigour on this gem of a disc

Composer: Telemann
Repertoire: Concerti Grossi
Artists: Holland Baroque Society/ Alexis Kossenko (flute)
Rating:  4.5/5
Genre: Vocal/Instrumental
Label: Channel Classics CCS SA 28409

Holland Baroque has no conductor but elects a leader, in this case the flautist Alexis Kossenko, for each project. Today: Telemann. The result is almost pure delight. Kossenko’s plaintive legato contrasts with bassoonist Jane Gower’s smoky cantabile in the Concerto in F. A classic concerto grosso is the Concerto in G with soloists – two transverse flutes and bassoon – alternating with ripieno strings. The Concerto in D for two flutes, violin and cello, pits wind against gut and concludes with a gavotte that is the gem of the disc. The prolific Telemann sometimes comes across as a bore, but not here. It’s an education.