Tallis and the Chapelle du Roi

An ongoing project, by the excellent British choir Chapelle du Roi, to record all of Tallis’s music

Composer: Tallis
Repertoire: Complete Works Vol.6
Artists: Chapelle du Roi
Rating: 4/5 
Genre: Choral
Label: Signum SIG CD 022

This Tallis-filled disc, performed by Chapelle du Roi, includes one-word-per-note homophonic anthems and chants for the Anglican church. His three best-known tunes are among the 33 tracks. Canon (with juicy flattened sevenths in the alto), Ordinal and Why fumeth in fight (of which Vaughan Williams famously made variations) are sung with plaintive simplicity, exquisite balance and clear diction, virtues that characterise the whole estimable disc.