Liszt - By Genre

Classic FM offers a detailed breakdown of Liszt's compositions by musical category.

Orchestral 14%

■ Liszt was a slow starter as an orchestral composer until he settled in Weimar, when he made up for lost time with 12 symphonic poems, two symphonies and two piano concertos.

Chamber & Organ 1%
■ While Liszt’s small amount of chamber music isn’t important, his organ music includes major statements like the formidable Prelude and Fugue On The Name B-A-C-H. Solo Piano, Piano
Duet, Piano

Arrangements 59%

■ Ranging from original works to many arrangements of music by himself or by others, Liszt’s vast piano output includes everything from huge, epic cycles to some of the loveliest short pieces ever written.

Vocal and Choral 25%
■ Liszt wrote an increasing quantity of choral music throughout his life. His finest songs easily rival those of Schumann and Wolf.

Opera 1%

■ Though amazingly accomplished for a teenage composer, Liszt’s only completed opera, Don Sanche, isn’t very individual. After that, apart from his unfinished sketches for the Byron-inspired Sardanapale, he avoided opera altogether.