Electric Rameau proves he's no Mr Boring

Trevor Pinnock's exciting harpsichord playing sheds new light on the earnest music of the French Baroque, revealing its glory.

Composer: Rameau
Repertoire: Les Cyclopes
Artists: Trevor Pinnock (harpsichord)
Rating:  4/5 
Genre: Instrumental
Label: AVIE AV 2056

Rameau has the undeserved reputation of being the ‘Mr Boring’ of French Baroque music. Perhaps it was all those oh-so-earnest recital discs of the 1950s and 1960s on monster harpsichords? Well, things are about to change if Trevor Pinnock’s electrifying playing on this disc is anything to go by. From the giant’s trampling feet of The Cyclops to the uncontainable rejoicing of La Triomophante, Pinnock reveals these stunningly inventive pieces in all their true glory.