Trio miss Haydn's serious side

The overly playfulness of the Florestan Trio's playing can at times threaten to swamp Haydn's most profound piece of work

Composer: Haydn
Repertoire: Piano Trios, Vol.1
Artists: The Florestan Trio
Rating:  3.5/5
Genre: Instrumental
Label: Hyperion CDA67719 

This might not be the most profound music Haydn ever composed, but these sprightly, full-of-goodness performances could fool you into thinking otherwise. Until Haydn got his hands on it, the piano trio format was locked into domestic servitude as composers provided functional scores for home consumption: the witty, smartly idiosyncratic swank of Haydn’s Trio in G demonstrates how far he pushed at higher aspirations. Subtitled ‘Gypsy Rondo’, it is played by the Florestans with folksy zest – pianist Susan Tomes plucks her grace notes with balletic poise. There are three more trios – the C major stands out; its Finale seriously tickles the funny bone.