Desplat reveals all about Harry Potter

As fans queue to see the premiere of the final film in the Harry Potter marathon tonight, we caught up with Alexandre Desplat, composer of the new soundtrack.

Desplat composed the music for the final two films in the eight-part series, following in the footsteps of John Williams, William Ross, Patrick Doyle and Nicholas Hooper. We asked him whether he was influenced by the efforts of previous composers, and how the final films, in which Harry and his friends have left school, differ from the earlier ones.

We also learn about Desplat’s compositional process, which involved him writing themes for the first film that could be developed in the second. With which piece or theme is he most satisfied?
“I’m never very satisfied with anything… I never listen to my scores because if I do I just want to do it again and I have no time for that - life is too short!”

Desplat’s whole philosophy of composition is summed up when he says he tries to be respectful of the dialogue and not overwhelm the film with the music:
“I like the music to shine and be big and strong when it has to be, but otherwise I like it to be interwoven with the film and not to be too intrusive.”

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