RIP John Barry

Tributes to John Barry are flooding in. We'll be updating this page throughout the day with the thoughts of musicians and Classic FM listeners, sent via Twitter, Facebook and the website. You can send us your contribution through the form at the bottom of the page.

Stephen Fry: 'John Barry  has died. How sad. One of the greats and a real mensch. RIP'

Brian Green, Classic FM listener: 'I remember as a kid in the 60s secretly listening to Radio Luxemburg under the bedcovers on a transistor radio, and when the adverts came on there was the one for a certain shampoo. The composer? John Barry. The song? The Girl With the Sun in her Hair. Been a big fan ever since.'

Gillian Harkness, Classic FM listener: 'I have loved John Barry since the age of three when my Dad (a massive film music buff) first introduced to me to the score from "Somewhere in Time", which I would be rocked to sleep to. While other children grew up listening to the likes of Take That and Kylie, I immersed myself in "The Last Valley", "Peggy Sue Got Married" and "Raise the Titanic". When I get married later on this year, I hope to incorporate some of his heartachingly beautiful music into my ceremony. A very sad day...'

Myleene Klass: 'Terribly sad. The world has lost a genius of a man. John Barry. RIP'

Siw Wysome, Classic FM listener: 'Such evocative music, and so descriptive of the films he was portraying, you could see the buffalo running in Dances with Wolves and the bush animals on the plains in Out of Africa. Certainly one of the best composer of film scores. Bye John, sleep well and thank you for all the music, you will be missed.'

David Arnold, film composer, spoke to Classic FM this morning. Listen below.

Edmund Coxon, Classic FM listener: 'Used to do live gigs with him and sessions in London and various other venues around the UK. A very fine gentleman and lovely, thought provoking composer. Very sad news and what a loss to the industry.'

Jean Makin, Classic FM listener: 'it was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of my favourite contemporary composer. I listen to Classic FM all day along with my dogs and instantly recognise Barry’s sweeping strains! When my husband John died 5 years ago I played Barry’s ‘Out of Africa’ theme at his funeral, and my son has instructions to do the same for me!

How does one pay tribute to such an inspirational composer ? His music finds a very special place in millions of hearts… and that is his wonderful legacy to a world in turmoil. Yes … the earth does stand still when one listens to John Barry! God bless him!'

Peter Smith, Classic FM listener: 'A wonderful composer, who I have loved since my first records from 1958. He was incomparable and his music was always recognisable. He should have won even more Oscars than he did. The finest film music composer in the world and I and the world of film music composers will miss him dearly.'

John Hicks, Classic FM listener: 'I have listened to John's music for many years and his unique ability to combine the necessary pathos, emotion and romanticism into his music remains unequalled. We have lost a giant of music today. We can only be thankful his memory will live on through his glorious work. Thank you John, I salute you.'

Colin Usher, listener: 'Composers come, composers go but the music will live forever. Rest in peace, John Barry.'

Jennifer Tufnell, listener: 'A supreme musician and composer.His film music always enhanced what was on the screen and could also 'stand on its own feet'. His themes from Dutchman (rubbish film but the best musical interpretation ever of a subway train) through to the Oscar winners and everything in between show his amazing talent and feel for story lines. What a legacy he has left us. Thank you John.'

Simon Peter Jones: 'Most of us are lucky enough to make and collect friends throughout our lives. Now, I never actually met John Barry and I certainly didn't know him... and yet I am very saddened this morning. Why? Because the art and endeavours of a few also touch us from 'a far' and these individuals, too, become our 'friends'. I certainly cannot imagine looking back upon my childhood in the sixties without hearing a 'soundtrack' made up largely of the compositions of John Barry. James Bond, of course, Born Free, Midnight Cowboy... and these were only the opening salvos of what would turn out to be surely one of this country's most significant personal contributions to the art of cinema. I am saddened today partly because I know that a part of my own psychological construct has 'died' in the knowledge that there will be no more of John Barry's music to come. My thoughts are with his family and all of his friends...'

Heather Goodsell, listener: 'I was 14 years old when I discovered The John Barry Seven. The music of John Barry has been with me ever since and what magical film scores he has composed. However John Suchet played Crazy Dog as a tribute and that really touched my heart. He will be here forever in his music.'

David Benneworth, listener: 'If a new film had music by John Barry, I'd go and see it whether the film itself was good or bad- Barry's music added so much gravitas to any film that it would make the trip worthwhile. No other composer did that for me. I went to a Barry concert at the Albert Hall some years ago and the orchestra played '007 and counting', just about my favourite piece of music. It sounds cliched, but it was genuinely spellbinding to hear it live for the first time on a night I'll never forget...'

Lawrence Lettice, listener: 'I had the good fortune of seeing John Barry in concert at the Royal Albert Hall back in 1999 - and it was a night I will always remember with excitement. Growing up as a young boy in the sixties, I became aware of his unique musical gifts whilst watching the Bond films, and particularly the epic Zulu. He possessed a sound that was so different, and yet also so deep and emotional, that it moved me profoundly. I became a fan for life.'

Victor Allen, listener: 'I remember John Barry when his group, The John Barry Seven were regular performers at ITV's Oh Boy Saturday evening pop show in 1958. I believe that one of his group was a name sake of mine (Vic Allen) who had been part of a music group at Butlins Clacton, at the same time that Cliff Richards and the Drifters were perfoming there. John Barry and his music are an important part of my past. Plese forward my condolences to his family.'

Valerie van der Klis: 'RIP John Barry... you will live forever in our hearts through your music - thank you for sharing your talent with the world, we are richer because of it...'

Peter Worrall: 'John´s music was a smooth signature of harmony and feeling with an unmistakable, soothing and glorious style that stood out instantly. We are fortunate to have lived in his times. Thank you most sincerely and God bless.'

Chris Deakins: 'A Brilliant composer, his music is timeless and that is the wonderful gift he has left us all to enjoy again and again...'

Philip Wood: 'How awfully sad. From Juke Box Jury's 'Hit and Miss' and 'The Human Jungle' in the 60s, I have loved his music. The majesty of 'The Lion in Winter' and all those glorious themes, my favourite of which is 'Somewhere in Time'. A fellow Yorkshireman, he suffered (like Rachmaninov) from Depression but was able to compose such beautiful music. I will be playing many of his CDs tonight and for the next few days.'

Leon Willis: 'Superb composer for my favourite film franchise. John Barry's scores definitely helped me get into classical music - which I'm so passionate about. RIP John Barry- your music will never be forgotten.'