The moment Steven Isserlis’ string SNAPPED in the middle of a concert

8 January 2019, 11:40

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Bad luck happens to even the greatest of musicians…

During a recital in Milan, a string on Steven Isserlis’ cello snapped dramatically, forcing him to pause the concert.

A violinist’s string snapped LIVE on TV and we’re still getting over the stress >

Isserlis commented on Twitter:

“Somebody just sent me this – bizarre: a string breaking during a recital I gave with Connie Shih in Milan. I can hardly remember the incident – or it being filmed. It’s usually playing Shostakovich that breaks a string – and it’s usually the G-string…!!!”

The footage, which was recently unearthed on YouTube, was filmed by journalist Cesare Guzzardella at the Milan Conservatory on 11 December 2017.