The Masked Singer fans are convinced classical singer Aled Jones is the ‘Traffic Cone’

4 February 2022, 17:26

Traffic Cone performs 'When She Loved Me' on The Masked Singer UK

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Could Aled Jones, Welsh singer and Classic FM presenter, be the voice behind the Masked Singer’s Traffic Cone?

Fans of ITV’s The Masked Singer appear absolutely convinced that classical singer, and Classic FM presenter Aled Jones is the ‘Traffic Cone’.

Speculation was amplified after the English tenor Russell Watson ‘let slip’ Jones’s identity on Good Morning Britain.

“I know who that is,” Watson said, after he was played a clip of the mystery singer’s performance.

In last Saturday night’s episode, Traffic Cone sang a gentle ‘When She Loved Me’ by Sarah McLachlan, leading to much hypothesising that they might be none other than the ‘Walking in the Air’ singer.

Watson, Jones’s long-time duet partner, added: “The strange thing is I didn't know who it was during the first performance. And then I heard the second performance and I now know who it is, I’m absolutely certain.

“He’s not admitted it, he’s not mentioned it at all, but I am convinced that is my mate Aled Jones.”

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Aled Jones: the Traffic Cone on ITV's The Masked Singer?
Aled Jones: the Traffic Cone on ITV's The Masked Singer? Picture: Alamy/ITV

Plenty of viewers have reached the same conclusion, deducing that Watson should, after all, be familiar with Jones’ voice, after 20 years of singing together.

Watson and Jones have released two successful albums, In Harmony and Back in Harmony, which include recordings of popular hymns, arias and classical songs.

In the previous episode of The Masked Singer, the Traffic Cone sang a rendition of Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ in a rich baritone voice, confusing viewers.

Unconvinced by the singer’s speculation, GMB host told Watson: “It’s very deep for Aled Jones.”

“Come on Russell, that’s a distraction, right?” the presenter added, referring to speculation elsewhere that Watson himself could be behind the mask. Other viewers have suggested the Traffic Cone could be TV comedian, Rob Beckett.

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