Classic FM Conversation: What is Nigel Kennedy's best recording?

As violinist Nigel Kennedy begins his weekend-long takeover of the Classic FM studios, we want to know, what do you think is his best recording?

This weekend Nigel Kennedy will be presenting a show about his violin heroes, talking to John Suchet about Beethoven, and his recorded output will the subject of David Mellor's Sunday evening show.

As a violinist he has had a recording career which spans over 30 years. From early recordings of Elgar and Tchaikovsky, by a young floppy-haired violinist, to the enormously well-selling Vivaldi Four Seasons, to recordings of jazz, rock and Klezmer - there's certainly many genres to choose from.

We would like to know, what do you think is his finest recording? Which recording best captures the talent of this eclectic, and at times enigmatic artist? Tell us in the comments section below