Welcome in the Chinese New Year with a performance of this iconic piece of music

16 February 2018, 14:05 | Updated: 16 February 2018, 14:06

Chinese pianist Ji Liu has filmed himself playing part of Li Huanzhi’s Spring Festival Suite – and it’s the perfect way to celebrate the Chinese New Year and welcome in the Year of the Dog. 新年快乐!

The Spring Festival Overture was written in the 1950s and the composer set out to create the atmosphere of Chinese New Year – also known as the Spring Festival – in music. Firecrackers and all! 

Chinese pianist Ji Liu decided to celebrate this year's Chinese New Year with his very own arrangement – complete with snare drum. 

Gong hei fat choy and xin nian kuai le everybody! 

Ji Liu's latest album, Fire and Water, is out now.