James Rhodes' unusual practice habits

14 August 2012, 11:03

Rock star concert pianist James ‘Jimmy’ Rhodes is glad London 2012 is over so he has more time to practise. At least, that’s what he intended.

James Rhodes is pleased the Olympics are over so he can devote whole days to playing the piano. He’s preparing for his solo US debut at Chicago’s Beethoven Festival, REVOLUTION 2012.

Just two days after the Closing Ceremony, it seems his good intentions have almost vanished. “One of those days - woke up late, stumbled to piano in boxers, no coffee or tooth brushing just terror-driven practice,” he posted on Twitter this morning.

The British bad boy pianist is almost as famed for his rock-and-roll lifestyle as his delicate interpretations of classical piano music by Bach, Beethoven and Chopin. He’s performed in a wide range of venues, from The Roundhouse in Camden, to Latitude Festival and the Elgar Room in the Royal Albert Hall.

It’s not all whiskey and late nights though. James has brought classical music to a new audience, starring in documentaries explaining how his favourite composers provide solace in his darkest moments.

James makes his solo US debut at Chicago’s Beethoven Festival in September. The programme is announced tomorrow.