Car thieves steal James Rhodes' classical collection

9 July 2013, 11:20

The pianist discovered his car had been broken into this morning, with a surprisingly classical consequences...

Classical music-loving car thieves broke into pianist James Rhodes' car, taking his iPod and limited edition CD collection of Wagner's Ring Cycle, conducted by Georg Solti. After discovering his car outside his flat this morning, he took to Twitter to vent his frustration.

"Car broken into and iPod stolen. Hope they like classical... Maybe it'll convert them," he tweeted. "Will all be worth it if they totally get into Rhinegold as a result though."

Despite losing out on his £200 box set, James seemed in high spirits, urging anyone in the area to snap up a bargain if they see the CDs for sale. He's since replaced his Wagner collection, which he bought as a present for his brother.