Johann Pachelbel (1653–1706)

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Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706 : Germany) Ensemble: Orpheus Chamber Orchestra Record label: Classic FM Catalogue ID: CFMD 18

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Pachelbel - Canon in D: the facts

pachelbel's nightmare

Someone wrote a sequel to Pachelbel's Canon, and it's called ‘Pachelbel’s Nightmare’

QoalaQuartett Spin Challenge

Everybody should take part in the Spin Quartet Challenge

pachelbel canon pop punk version

Pachelbel’s Canon in D works surprisingly well as a pop-punk instrumental

Minecraft Pachelbel's Canon

A complete music nerd spent days composing Pachelbel’s Canon in Minecraft. And it’s surprisingly good

pachelbel's canon visualisation

See each individual line of Pachelbel’s Canon in this dazzling and gorgeous visualisation

M5 quartet performance

There was a massive traffic jam on the M5 – but a string quartet performed Pachelbel’s Canon and made it all better