Everybody should take part in the Spin Quartet Challenge

31 March 2017, 10:41

QoalaQuartett Spin Challenge

By Amy MacKenzie

All you have to do is get your quartet to sit around a slowly rotating camera, play a wonderful piece of music together, and slowly changes things as the camera pans around. Easy, right?

The Qoala Quartett has introduced us to the 'Spin Quartet Challenge' and it's our new favourite craze! 

It's really simple – you and your fellow quartet players sit around a slowly rotating camera, play a piece of music, and change things as the camera pans around. 

We think this could be the next big thing, and thanks to Qoala Quartett and friends they have introduced us to the concept with their brilliant video of Pachelbel's Canon in D. 

Follow the quartet on YouTube and Facebook, watch the video below and send us your Spin Quartet Challenge videos!

Spin Quartet Challenge - Qoala Quartett: Pachelbel Canon in D


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