This unbelievable piano piece is called ‘Pachelbel’s Nightmare’

16 June 2017, 15:20

'Pachelbel's Nightmare': sequel to Pachelbel's Canon in D

YouTuber musicalbasics made a sequel to one of the most famous pieces of all time.


A brave YouTuber has taken on the challenge of composing a response to Pachelbel’s iconic Canon in D. And it is bonkers.

YouTuber musicalbasics took on the impossible when he decided that one of the most famous pieces of music ever composed needed a sequel.

Pachelbel’s Canon has now been transformed into ‘Pachelbel’s Nightmare’. According to the YouTube description, it’s got a story behind it too:

“Johann Pachelbel is happily asleep dreaming about his favorite piece in the world when a sinister shadow emerges and suddenly plunges his dream into unspeakable horrors. Fighting for his timeless masterpiece's life, Johann conducts a glorious battle against the evil lurking in the depths of his mind, an eternal battle of courage and triumph that continues to this very day.”

Check out his Facebook, SoundCloud and Spotify links too!

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