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Monday, 5th December 2016

  1. Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca played on electric guitar is supremely exciting

Friday, 2nd December 2016

  1. The Wedding March (drunk version) is the funniest thing you could hear on your special day
  2. These epic Christmas lights react to the Star Wars soundtrack, and we're speechless

Thursday, 1st December 2016

  1. A 2-year-old heard Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata for the first time, and his reaction will make you cry actual tears

Wednesday, 30th November 2016

  1. This 16th-century motet is staggeringly simple, yet so profoundly beautiful
  2. Classic FM’s Mozart Marathon to mark 225th anniversary of composer’s death

Tuesday, 29th November 2016

  1. Ever wondered what Beethoven’s Fifth would sound like in a major key?
  2. A close-up look at the handwritten Mahler manuscript that just sold for a record £4.5m
  3. This Beethoven score is causing huge music geek arguments because of the handwriting

Monday, 28th November 2016

  1. Yuja Wang just took apart Mozart with this unbelievably exciting encore, and it’s gone viral

Wednesday, 23rd November 2016

  1. Stop everything and listen to Tchaikovsky’s sublimely beautiful pppppp moment

Tuesday, 22nd November 2016

  1. This stunning vocal rendition of Elgar’s Nimrod will have you weeping in seconds

Monday, 21st November 2016

  1. This cellist performs a truly huge Star Wars medley, and it's just gorgeous

Friday, 18th November 2016

  1. New releases: Falling in Love with Andre Rieu and Relaxing with Bill Turnbull

Wednesday, 16th November 2016

  1. Music geeks are reviewing this incorrect Beethoven t-shirt and it’s hilarious

Tuesday, 15th November 2016

  1. Lang Lang has turned Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ into a mesmerising piano rhapsody

Monday, 14th November 2016

  1. Somehow, this organist improvised a Christmas carol into the Star Wars theme (and it’s magnificent)

Friday, 11th November 2016

  1. New releases: 60 years of iconic Morricone music and Nemanja Radulovic plays Bach

Wednesday, 9th November 2016

  1. Stressed tonight? You need this now...

Monday, 7th November 2016

  1. Danse Macabre is now a dazzling (and very satisfying) musical visualisation

Friday, 4th November 2016

  1. Album reviews and new releases: songs for Remembrance and a magnificent 200-CD Mozart boxset

Friday, 28th October 2016

  1. Paganini’s Caprice No. 24 performed on FLUTE sounds utterly righteous

Wednesday, 26th October 2016

  1. This is what happens to a bass drum after playing Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture

Tuesday, 25th October 2016

  1. Semyon Bychkov: ‘In music, polygamy is not only allowed, it’s encouraged’

Friday, 14th October 2016

  1. Chopin’s Fantasie-Impromptu on melodica is actually pretty awesome

Thursday, 13th October 2016

  1. The final Rogue One trailer is here: what does the music tell us?
  2. Just look at how fast Lang Lang can play a C major scale

Tuesday, 11th October 2016

  1. Can you guess the Star Wars movie just from the soundtrack?

Friday, 7th October 2016

  1. Nicola Benedetti: 'Tchaikovsky really captured the drama of what a virtuoso can do'

Wednesday, 5th October 2016

  1. Bristol University theatre cancels Aida over ‘racial diversity’

Tuesday, 4th October 2016

  1. Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria on Theremin sounds thoroughly weird
  2. Pachelbel’s Canon in D works surprisingly well as a pop-punk instrumental

Thursday, 29th September 2016

  1. Steve Reich: ‘In my lifetime, classical music has never been so populated with talented people’
  2. ‘There are an awful lot of people in this world who abuse power like Don Giovanni. Look at Brexit’
  3. Listen to Tchaikovsky banter with his friends in a 130-year-old recording

Sunday, 25th September 2016

  1. Laura Mvula: ‘Teaching music was the best and worst thing that ever happened to me’

Tuesday, 20th September 2016

  1. This excruciating rehearsal outtake shows just how much of a perfectionist musicians need to be

Monday, 19th September 2016

  1. Joy Division played over Swan Lake is unexpectedly dazzling
  2. This is the oldest known recording of an opera singer, and it’s incredibly interesting

Sunday, 18th September 2016

  1. Album reviews: The not so Magnificent Seven, musical star signs and thrilling dances

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