Suk and Novák hidden gems

They might be named after the Czech composer, but it's on the piano works of Suk and Novák that the Smetana Trio really shine

Composer: Smetana, Suk, Novák
Repertoire: Piano Trios
Artists: Smetana Trio
Rating:  4/5 
Genre: Instrumental 
Label: Supraphon SU 3810-2

The first two works on this disc – Smetana’s and Suk’s Trios in G minor and C minor respectively – are fine performances as far as they go, with the piano sound slightly too far recessed in the recording balance. Both are amiable without being especially memorable. But Suk’s Elegie and Novák’s Trio in D minor quasi una Ballata, which I’d never previously heard, are gems of rare beauty played with heartfelt conviction by this enterprising group.