John Rutter By Genre

Classic FM takes a look at John Rutter's compositions by genre. He doesn't only compose Christmas carols!

Choral Works 25%

■ Dominated by the Gloria, Magnificat and Requiem, other musical delights include the Te Deum and the Mass Of The Children.

Anthems 19%

■ Core genre in Rutter’s creative output which features such favourites as For The Beauty Of The Earth and All Things Bright And Beautiful.

Partsongs 12%

■ Although less well known, there are a number of absolute gems, including Five Childhood Lyrics, Birthday Madrigals and
 The Sprig of Thyme.

Orchestral & Instrumental 14%

■ Small in number but high in quality, don’t miss the delightful Suite For Strings, Partita for Orchestra, Five Meditations and the Beatles Concerto.

Carols 21%

■ Peerless series of original compositions and arrangements that define Christmas time, including the Angels’ Carol and Shepherd’s Pipe Carol.

Stage Works 9%

■ Four cherishable scores – Bang!, The Piper Of Hamelin, The Reluctant Dragon and The Wind In The Willows – are well worth seeking out.