A choir sang the entire William Tell Overture while galloping

25 January 2018, 14:04

Timpanogos High Choir Sings William Tell Overture (Funny)


Rossini’s Overture to ‘William Tell’ has become synonymous with horses, thanks to ‘The Lone Ranger’. And now, musicians have actually started galloping to it.

The Timpanogos High School Choir performed Rossini’s Overture at their final concert in May, accompanied by some spectacularly horsey choreography.

Special moments to look out for include some very strong facial expressions from 0:45, and a truly epic whinny circa 0:17 (it’s practically inhuman).

Although there are no actual horses in the opera William Tell, Rossini’s dynamic, galloping music is often used in TV and film to represent a hero riding to the rescue.

Here’s the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra playing the finale to the Overture, heralding trumpets and all: