What are the lyrics to ‘Cinema Paradiso’, what do they mean in English, and who wrote the song?

5 March 2020, 19:03 | Updated: 5 March 2020, 21:56

By Rosie Pentreath

Cinema Paradiso is a song, written by Ennio Morricone, from the 1988 film of the same name.

‘Cinema Paradiso’ is a song from the 1988 Italian film of the same name, with lyrics and music by legendary film composer Ennio Morricone.

The film itself, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, tells the story of a filmmaker, prompted by news of a death, to recall scenes of childhood. In those scenes, he falls in love with the images projected by the cinema of his home village, and forms a deep friendship with the cinema’s projectionist.

A nostalgia piece then, its title song is similarly wistful.

It’s interesting to note the film wasn’t an immediate success in its native Italy, but then went on to win the Grand Prix at Cannes and the best foreign film Oscar for 1989, and became one of the most successful foreign-language films ever made.

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Aled Jones & Russell Watson - Cinema Paradiso (Official Audio)

What are the lyrics to ‘Cinema Paradiso’ and what do they mean in English?

‘Cinema Paradiso’ – also known as as ‘Remember’ or simply the ‘Love Theme’ from Cinema Paradiso – is all about beauty, love and, ultimately, loss.

“My paradise was you, so I dream; remember…” it concludes.

‘Cinema Paradiso’ lyrics in Italian:

Se tu fossi nei miei occhi per un giorno
Vedresti la bellezza che piena d'allegria
Lo trovo dentro gli occhi tuoi
E ignoro se è magia o lealtà.

Se tu fossi nel mio cuore per un giorno
Potreste avere un'idea
Di ciò che sento io
Quando mi abbracci forte a te
E petto a petto, noi
Respiriamo insieme.

Se tu fossi nella mia anima un giorno
Sapresti cosa sento in me
Che m'innamorai
Da quell'istante insieme a te
E ciò che provo è
Solamente amore.

Da quell'istante insieme a te
E ciò che provo è
Solamente amore.

Cinema Paradiso (1988) - Official Trailer

‘Cinema Paradiso’ lyrics in English:

If one day you could see
Through my eyes the beauty
And happiness I see in you.
When I see your eyes
The life I dream of can come true
Or is it just a dream?
Are you near?

If one day you could see
With my heart the yearning.
Then you would know just how I feel
When I feel your heart
And when I drink you in my arms
And breathe you with my soul
We are one

If one day you could see
With my soul the future.
Time would stand still, then

This is all I ask
Just like a film that fades from view.
My paradise was you
So I dream

Who wrote ‘Cinema Paradiso’?

Like the rest of the music for the Cinema Paradiso film, the song was written by Ennio Morricone, with contribution from his son, Andrea.