The Wihan Quartet play The Beatles

Classic Beatles tunes as you've never heard them before, played by string quartet. Classic FM Drive Featured Album, 12 May 2014.

According to the great American composer Aaron Copland, the best way of learning something about the 1960s is by listening to The Beatles' records. 

Without any doubt, the music of The Beatles is a major phenomenon - not only of the sixties, but of the 20th century as a whole and their inspiring tunes continue to live in the widest variety of arrangements. 

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This CD brings together a selection of imaginatively arranged songs by Lubos Krticka, a composer of chamber, choral and film music who is also an active part of the Czech rock and jazz music scene.

Not only are all the Beatles favourites here - Eleanor Rigby, Can't Buy Me Love, Come Together, Here Comes the Sun and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - but also listen out for the tender Julia (from 'The White Album', a very Slavic sounding Honey Pie, and a louche jazz-tinged I Want You (She's So Heavy).