Is God Save The Queen 'boring'?

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, the Master of the Queen’s Music, has said that 'God Save the Queen' is "very boring" and should be replaced with a new “more stirring” anthem, which he’s offered to write.

“The national anthems of other countries, such as France and Germany, are a lot more impressive and tend to have a more galvanising effect on their peoples", he told The Daily Telegraph. "Benjamin Britten’s arrangement of our anthem was probably the best there has ever been, but he didn’t honestly have a lot to work with.”

Following his victory at the German Grand Prix on Sunday, racing driver Lewis Hamilton also complained about the national anthem, saying it was much shorter than other nation’s anthems. He wanted his moment of glory on the podium to last longer than the 44 seconds it took to play one verse of 'God save the Queen'.
“When I’m standing there and it is Felipe’s [Massa] one, it’s like 10 minutes long!”

Massa, a Brazillian race driver, gets to savour Francisco Manuel da Silva's composition for two minutes, substantially longer than the British anthem.