James Horner returns to Titanic

With James Cameron's epic love story Titanic returning to cinemas in 3D next week, American composer James Horner has been speaking to Classic FM about the special anniversary edition of his acclaimed score for the film.

Titanic: The Anniversary Edition is being released as a 2-disc and a bumper 4-disc edition featuring James Horner’s award-winning score plus extra discs of unreleased material performed by the ensemble I Salonisti, who perform in Cameron's film as the ship is sinking.

Horner's work on Titanic earned him two Academy Awards in 1998 for Best Original Dramatic Score and Best Original song for My Heart Will Go On, performed by Celine Dion. He was also nominated in 2010 for his score for James Cameron's Avatar.

James Horner told Classic FM's John Brunning all about his Titanic score, his relationship with director James Cameron, and how a certain song on the soundtrack was almost never written.

Listen to our interview with James Horner here.