Devote yourself to Campra and Couperin

Devotional works by Campra and Couperin are played with heightened emotion on this not-to-be-missed recording

Composer: Campra and Couperin
Repertoire: 'Salve Regina'
Artists: Paul Agnew; Les Arts Florissants/William Christie
Rating:  5/5 
Genre: Chamber
Label: Virgin 547 2022

Extravagant devotion played a prominent part in politics in the France of Louis XIV, preserved in grands motets and flamboyant Te Deum and Mass settings. This disc turns to the realm of private worship and its intensification through music. The king, who delighted in the expressive, Italianate style of petits motets by Campra and Couperin, would surely have loved the heightened emotions and nuanced performances on this album. Not to be missed.