The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme, but it’s played by three electric toothbrushes

19 February 2020, 17:04 | Updated: 19 February 2020, 17:25

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

A toothbrush-led rendition of ‘He’s a Pirate’, complete with eye patches and tiny toothpick swords. This is what YouTube was made for...

We’ve found the ultimate video to procrastinate to: three electric toothbrushes, dressed like pirates, playing the swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean theme.

With tiny toothpick swords in their pipe cleaner hands, the googly-eyed toothbrushes play a note-perfect rendition of Klaus Badelt’s ‘He’s a Pirate’ – the film’s main theme.

With his rolling eyes, Captain Jack Sparrow (the middlemost toothbrush) looks like he’s been on the rum again.

The video comes from Device Orchestra – a Finnish YouTuber who turns different devices into instruments and makes them play music together.

Last year, he got four electric toothbrushes to sing Sibelius’ Finlandia:

It’s the aesthetics of this new video, as much as the music, which are particularly impressive.

“Making eye patches for such small eyes was a bit challenging, but fortunately, I managed to make an eye patch for the toothbrush with the biggest eyes,” says the guy behind the video.

“I also tried to make the middlemost toothbrush look like Jack Sparrow. It looks like I still need to practice my makeup skills a bit...”

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We reckon he’s doing just fine. Also – this comment is outstanding:

Device Orchestra video comment
Picture: YouTube