Russell Watson talks highs and lows

Classical crooner Russell Watson is preparing for a massive new tour, more than twenty appearances in all, and is launching a new album on Monday 22 November.

A gruelling schedule for even the fittest and most seasoned of performers, Russell embarks on it after a two-year career break following treatment for two brain tumours and a throat operation.

Watson still has to be vigilant about his health and takes hormone injections regularly. So did he have second thoughts about such a strenuous return to the big time?

"I finished my radiotherapy in 2008. The work that I've put in on my voice, on my physical strength, stamina, right across the board, I feel I've regained my strength and I feel ready for it now."

Russell Watson tells Classic FM’s Bob Jones how he feel about his time out, the highs and lows of his career so far, and what advice he would give the Russell Watson of ten years ago.

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