Russell Watson: "I take each day as it comes"

Russell Watson has told Classic FM that his advice to himself ten years ago would be: "don't take yourself so seriously, y'tosser."

Watson says:
“For the first three records I was consumed in this world of wanting, no matter how much came my way that was amazing, I was always looking for the next thing, and as a result of that, I think I probably didn’t enjoy my career as much as I would have liked.”

After a two-year career break as a result of two brain tumours and a throat operation, he's about to embark on a gruelling tour and release a new album.
“I think as a result of what I’ve been through I take each day as it comes; I try first and foremost not to take myself too seriously.”

His illness could have cost him his career, but Watson says it is part of his journey:
"I see my career as being organic, from my roots, the factory floor to being one of the bestselling classical artists in the world. I feel like the journey I have been on has had so many incredible highs and, on the other end of the scale, catastrophic lows.”

Russell Watson’s La Voce is released on Monday 22 November.

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