Russell Watson makes triumphant Classic BRITs return

3 October 2012, 17:47

Classic BRIT nominee Russell Watson made his live return to the awards ceremony last night with a performance from his Anthems album.

Russell Watson made a return to the Classic BRIT Awards last night, performing 'Race To The End' from his Anthems album, which was also nominated for the Classic FM Album of the Year award.

"I haven't been able to sing the classical repertoire, to be quite honest with you, because of health issues that I've had," he told Classic FM's Lucy Coward, referring to his diagnosis with brain cancer last year which forced him to cancel his performance at the 2011 ceremony at short notice.

He added, "To be back is really quite poignant for me."

Watson was joined by pop-opera quartet Amore for his performance, which took on the same patriotic theme as his album. Anthems eventually lost out to Andre Rieu's And The Waltz Goes On in its nominated category.