Music to motivate troops in Afghanistan

Decca has announced that it will provide free downloads of the Coldstream Guards Band’s new album Heroes to troops deployed to Afghanistan this month, in advance of the album's official release on 30 November.

The decision was prompted by a request by Commanding Officer of the Coldstream Guards, Lt Col Toby Gray.  Impressed by the band’s rousing sound when he heard an early version of the album, Lt Col Gray asked the record company to make the album available to soldiers of the Coldstream Guards before they embark on their six-month tour of duty.

Dickon Stainer, MD of Decca, commented: “It’s very unusual for us to give away a full album ahead of release but this special dispensation shows the value we believe this will give to the troops.  The World War II troops had Dame Vera Lynn, and we’re hoping to prove that music has as relevant a place today on the frontline as it has always done.”

The London-based Coldstream Guards Band has motivated and inspired troops for over 200 years.  This tradition is maintained by the new album Heroes, which features stirring patriotic music and classic war themes.

The Band performs regularly at state ceremonial events across London and further afield.  It signed the record deal with Decca in June.

Heroes will be on general release from 30 November.