Violinist Ray Chen played his Strad to entertain a load of frustrated plane passengers

24 May 2018, 17:31

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By Maddy Shaw Roberts

What do you do if you’re a violinist, and your flight makes an emergency landing in Portugal? Play some beautiful music on your Stradivarius.

Violinist and YouTuber Ray Chen was flying from Amsterdam to Lisbon, when his flight was diverted and had to make an emergency landing in Porto.

He just happened to be travelling with his Stradivarius violin, so he took it out and started playing some Bach for the other passengers.

“At the time, I must confess that playing the violin was the last thing on my mind,” Ray said on Instagram. “But knowing personally how stressful delayed travel days are, I decided to whip out the Strad for a good old airplane performance.

“The flight eventually made it to Lisbon (3 hours after the scheduled time) and I’m just happy we were able to get there all safely in the end.”

Nice one, Ray.