Star tenor Joseph Calleja sings stunning ‘La Vie en Rose’ duet with daughter, across the room

15 December 2021, 15:20

Joseph and Clara Calleja duet

By Kyle Macdonald

Father, daughter, a classic melody, and an impromptu performance to tug at the heart strings.

Joseph Calleja might sing in the grandest opera houses of the world, but here’s a striking reminder that sometimes the most beautiful musical moments are found within a family.

At a recent charity event in Malta, one of the musicians honouring the guests with music was Clara Calleja, daughter of the operatic star. And as you can see, the tenor couldn’t resist joining his daughter for a casual, but oh-so-wonderful duet, serenading each other from across the room.

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Together they sing La Vie en Rose, the timeless song of Édith Piaf, singing alternating lines of the song to each other.

Across the generations, and across musical styles, Calleja’s operatic voice blends perfectly with his daughter’s mellow, jazzy tones.

Thankfully someone seated nearby had the presence of mind to record a clip, so as to share the moment with all of us.

Andrea Bocelli and Joseph Calleja duet in Malta

It’s not the first time Calleja’s informal duets have caught the attention of the world. Last year, he sang an impromptu duet over dinner with a special guest – none other than the great Andrea Bocelli.

The evening where father and daughter sang was in support of the Maltese tenor’s foundation.

The BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation was set up by Calleja and the Bank of Valletta, works with vulnerable individuals and social groups in Malta, and helps underprivileged children develop their artistic and musical talents.