Pianist Ingrid Fliter on life on tour

The Argentinian pianist Ingrid Fliter is making waves internationally. She has a new album out, as previewed by John Suchet last month as his CD of the Week.

This week she's been in London, performing at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and now she’s off to Belgium for a series of concerts and then to Australia for a tour.

We wanted to find out about life on the road and Ingrid told us that one of the biggest difficulties for a pianist is not knowing what instrument you will discover at a concert venue:
“The main thing for me is to find an instrument that is a good companion.”

Combined with jetlag and aches and pains from practising too much, the physical challenges posed by touring sound tough, but Fliter’s sunny personality comes across when she says that ultimately it has to be mind over body:
"If you concentrate on these things of course you're going to find something that is not working properly... so at this point the mind has to be your commander and you have to tell yourself that you have to be ready... it's part of professionalism."

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